UX Day Graz 2017

UX Day Graz 2017 is a community event for practitioners of user experience, interaction design, and usability in and around Graz, Austria.

Showcase Submissions

Since UX Day Graz is a community event, we would like you to participate, either as individuals or in small groups, by presenting in the Community Showcase session.

Showcase Presentations

We would like each person/small group to put together a five-minute presentation (a showcase presentation) of themselves and what they do in user experience (UX), interaction design, or usability.

By "small group" we mean:

The presentation should follow this structure:

  1. Who we are? (name(s) and affiliations)
  2. What we do? (UX activities at company/research group)
  3. Short Example of a UX Project:
    • Initial situation
    • Interesting or new approaches
    • Pitfalls
    • Message and findings

The idea is that everyone gets to know everyone else and something about what they do.

Showcase Submissions

Please prepare and submit your showcase video as follows:

Please direct any questions to the Showcase Chairs, Johannes Feiner (johannes.feiner@fh-joanneum.at) and Elmar Krainz (elmar.krainz@fh-joanneum.at).


The deadline for showcase submissions is Wed 01 Nov 2017 at 23:59 CET.